First of all, we would like to send greetings to customers who have visited the website:
Food & Seed VN Co., Ltd. is a business enterprise import and export of agricultural products from sesame seeds, perilla seeds, roasted sesame oil, perilla oil, red hot pepper powder…
Our factory produces sesame seeds, perilla seeds, roasted sesame oil, perilla oil with a capacity of 300 tons / month stay at District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
With machine system such as: Machine cleaned sortex, washing impurities, roasting and drying sesame seeds, oil pressing, packaging of finished products … The closed production process on the system of automation lines, modern technology of machines processing stages from production to packaging ensure safety, hygiene and quality to the consumers.
These are the items our factory produces and supplies: Raw materials sesame seeds, Vietnam sesame seeds, Vietnam hulled white sesame seeds, Vietnam black sesame seeds, roasted sesame seeds, roasted hulled white sesame seeds, roasted sesame powder, roasted sesame oil, roasted perilla seeds, roasted perilla powder, perilla oil…
With many years of experience activetives in agricultural product import and export, Food & Seed VN Co.,Ltd. moving to the production of roasted sesame seeds, roasted sesame powder, roasted perilla powder,roasted sesame oil, roasted perilla oil, produces goods from sesame seeds, perilla seeds for export to South Korea, Japan, Thailand, USA
In business cooperation, Food & Seed VN Co., Ltd. always takes
credibility, sincerity, honesty, respect for partners and harmony between interests the parties as the core values ​​of trade.
We are constantly researching and improving the quality of our products in order to provide consumers with safe and healthy products!
The trust and support from customers during the past time is the source great encouragement on the way of our development.