Factory manufacture of roasted perilla powder in Vietnam

Factory manufacture of roasted perilla powder in Vietnam

Food & Seed VN Co., Ltd specializes in supplying roasted perilla seed powder, used as spices. We are a factory to produce roasted perilla seeds, grind perilla seeds in bulk, and export them to Korea and Japan. In Korean – Japanese cuisine, roasted perilla seeds are quite popular, with high nutritional value.

Perilla is an herb of the mint family, Lamiaceae. Although known for a number of cultures under different names and varieties, it is now classified under the single perilla tree – Perilla. The tree specializes in green, purple leaves, lobed leaves, and trees are planted for seeds.

Shiso, also known as Shi-So, is a very popular herb in Japan and many other Asian countries. Young leaves and flower buds are used for cooking and pickling because of their aromatic flavor. Plants grow best under full sun or partly shade in mild climates.

Perilla seed powder is obtained from roasted perilla seeds, the powder will be brown if used whole, or milky white for many soups, stews and stir-fried vegetables in Korean cuisine.

Perilla seed powder can be found in every Korean grocery store, in dried nuts, peas, and sesame seeds. Normally, roasted perilla seeds can also be found there, so you can buy perilla seeds using alternative roasted perilla seeds powder. For use, grind some seeds in a blender with a little water to get milk from the seeds. Then use a sieve to get water, remove the debris, so you have the roasted perilla seed water for the soup.

Korean cuisine uses green perilla leaves, which taste different from purple perilla leaves. They also use roasted perilla seeds, known as “wild sesame,” a source of perilla oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for health.

Perilla seeds can be cooked with meals, roasted, crushed to enhance its flavor or mixed with sesame and salt. Japanese cuisine uses leaves, flowers, plants and perilla seeds as spices.

Food & Seed VN Co.,Ltd. produces roasted sesame seed, roasted sesame powder, roasted perilla seeds, roasted perilla powder for export to South Korea, Japan, Thailand, USA…

We are committed to bring to customers the best quality of goods, services and prices based on experience, knowledge and always improving the management process, the most advanced technology.

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