Factory of roasted sesame powder in Ho Chi Minh City

Factory of roasted sesame powder in Ho Chi Minh City

Our factory produces roasted sesame powder with a capacity of 300 tons / month in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City. Food & Seed VN Co., Ltd. specializes in importing sesame seeds in bulk from India, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Sudan, … producing roasted sesame powder, roasted sesame seed for export to Korea, Japan, Thailand…

White sesame seeds are imported according to SGS quality standard, with high oil content, new crop.

Roasted sesame powder

Process of roasted sesame powder production:

– Sesame seeds are washed through a large capacity automatic washing machine.

– After that, drain and cool.

– Sesame seeds are put into an automatic roasting system, adjusting the temperature and time appropriately.

– After roasting, sesame seeds are cooled, then passed through a small mill system, screening the size of flour.

– Roasted sesame seeds Food & Seed VN provided in the market are strictly tested from the manufacturing process, processing, and finished products.

– Our packaging is invested with quality, to preserve the product well.

For more information please contact:

Food & Seed VN Company Limited

No. 60, Street TA08, KP7, Thoi An, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: +84767407437 – (+84)909535218 – Ms Quyen – (+84)763806550 – Ms Anh Dao

Email: info@foodnseed.vn

Website: www.foodnseed.vn

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