Food & Seed VN roasted sesame seeds/powder factory in Vietnam

Food & Seed VN Co., Ltd is an enterprise specializing in supplying pure roasted sesame oil, Food & Seed VN roasted sesame seeds factory with a large capacity of 300 tons / month in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Food & Seed VN specializes in supplying white sesame seeds, raw sesame seeds using oil presses, roasted sesame seeds for oil presses, roasted sesame seeds, roasted sesame powder with export standards. We are a factory, suppliers of bulk roasted sesame seeds with appropriate roasting temperature according to customer requirements.

Sesame oil is a valuable food and medicinal ingredient. It is used to regulate metabolism, prevent and treat diseases such as atherosclerosis; pneumonia; anemia; cardiovascular diseases; pancreatitis, thyroid; liver failure; Treatment of gastric acidosis, thrombocytopenia. Using sesame oil makes the skin soft, not dry; make the body plump, smooth.

Sesame oil is used to treat various lung, respiratory, dry cough and asthma conditions. It helps treat heart, liver, pancreas, stomach pain, infections, blood infections, diuretics. It is also used when anemia, internal bleeding, thyroid. It neutralizes the acidity of blood, reducing the acidity in gastric juice.

Sesame oil increases the number of platelets, thereby increasing blood coagulation.

Is indicated in the treatment of Верльгофа disease, thrombocytopenic purpura, platelets

Roasted sesame oil has the same nutritional value as freshly cooked sesame seeds, then the roasted sesame seeds are then taken away to press the oil for the purpose of increasing the flavor of sesame oil, creating fragrance, can be used directly without processing. Out. Roasted sesame seeds add another stage of production, so roasted sesame oil is more expensive than fresh sesame oil.

For more infomation about our product, please contact:

Food & Seed VN Company Limited

No. 60, Street TA08, KP7, Thoi An, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: +84767407437 / +84909535218 – Ms Quyen / +84763806550 – Ms Anh Dao




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