Roasted Black sesame seeds good for health

Roasted Black sesame seeds goods for health

Sesame has many varieties, different in time of growth, color of seed and form of tree. Black sesame seeds are distinguished from the color of seed pods. Black sesame seeds have more export value than white sesame seeds, from nutritional value to oil ratio. However, the harvest of black sesame seeds will be mixed with brown, red and white sesame seeds, so it is necessary to separate to filter black seeds. India is a long-standing black sesame-growing country

According to oriental medicine, black sesame seeds have a sweet taste, calming effect, nourishing effect, laxative, fortifying organs, impotence, helpful temperament, durable tendons, good eyesight, more intelligent, external use to treat swelling, burns and boils. Black sesame also helps to nourish the kidneys, fostering semen, nourishes blood, helps to darken the hair, smoothes the skin, strengthens tendons, nourishes the organ, hearing, good eyesight, very good for anemia, hair early silver, especially very nutritious for the elderly, women lacking milk. Sesame leaves have a sweet taste, cold properties, useful effects of gas, tonic for the brain, strong tendons, from low numbness. Cooking sesame leaves as a regular shampoo helps to keep hair silky black. If crushed fresh sesame leaves squeezed drink juice cure hemorrhagic disease.

Here are some effects of black sesame seeds used to treat:

– Cure constipation: Every morning, drink 1 cup (small) of sesame oil or eat a handful of sesame seeds, or you can cook sesame porridge to eat easily.

– Treatment of chronic colitis: 40 g of black sesame roasted with aromatic smell and 1 bowl of molasses, each time drinking 1 tablespoon of sesame mixed with 1/3 tablespoon of honey, drink 2 times a day, drink continuously for a month .

– Women with anemia, lack of milk: Black sesame stars, crushed to add a little salt everyday to benefit milk. Serve with rice or cook porridge with sticky rice.

– Cure centipedes bite: Get sesame seeds puree, chewed up, only a moment to stop swelling

– Cure vomiting: Take a bowl of sesame seeds, crush, add some boiling water to cool, squeeze juice. When drinking, add a pinch of salt.

– Light boiling water burn: Take the smashed black sesame to cover the burn or apply a thin layer of sesame oil right on the burn will help immediately.

– New cure dysentery: Eat black sesame seeds every day 30 g (eat for 3 days).

– Cure gray hair early: Black sesame, shameful apple, dried powder, crush small members each drink about 20 tablets, twice a day, morning and evening.

– Relieve bloating stomach: Cook 1 cup of black sesame into porridge, add a little salt and a piece of shredded tangerine peel, scoop out to be slightly cool, then eat the soup will heal.

– Cure ulcer boils: Take 1 tbsp of black sesame, roast, scatter, wash pus blood from boils with warm salt water, then apply sesame powder on the boil several times will cure.

Note, due to the laxative nature of sesame should weak abdomen or diarrhea should not be used.

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