Toasted sesame oil export standard from Vietnam

Toasted sesame oil export standard from Vietnam

Toasted sesame oil is a vegetable oil that contains a lot of soluble fat, so it is absorbed directly into cells and consumed by the body immediately. This type of fat also provides oxygen to the body to burn food into energy, which contributes to the purification of waste products.

Toasted sesame oil also prevents and cures constipation, pus, impetigo and some toxic tumors. It is also effective for sedating, curing insomnia, stimulating activity and increasing the strength of the heart muscle because it contains many vitamin E components and is especially useful for women during the period, pregnancy. Sesame seeds and sesame oil is a very good food for patients with liver and bile pain because it is a highly digestible oil.

Food & Seed VN Co., Ltd manufacture and export toasted sesame oil and products from sesame seeds: toasted sesame seeds, toasted black sesame seeds,toasted sesame powder, perilla seeds powder, toasted perilla oil.

Sesame seeds are a type of plant commonly grown in tropical and temperate countries in Asia. Sesame seeds are very small but contain a lot of oil, containing about 50% the oil of weight ratio. There are two types of sesame seeds: Black sesame seeds are often called black sesame seeds and white sesame seeds are often called white sesame seeds. In industrial production of sesame oil, white sesame seeds are used to squeeze more oil than black sesame seeds. Sesame oil contains a lot of minerals and high quality proteins, very suitable for human eating and nutrition.

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